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La Martina - Argentina
Cucha Cucha - 2147
Buenos Aires - Argentina

La Martina - USA
1111 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1100
Miami - 33131
Florida - USA

La Martina - EMEA
Via Livio, 1
Chiasso - 6830


  • Polo fan
  • Polo player
  • Customer

Collection La Martina

La Martina’s lifestyle is simple and original. Country-like. A style that knows the culture of big cities but prefers outdoors.

It’s atmosphere is rural but also refined. Brick floors and antique carpets are combined with leather and British silverware.

People that prefer comfortable and worn clothes rather than new. Each garment completes a person’s style.

A style that designs basic products which do not necessarily follows fashion.

A low-profile style. A philosophy of genuine and authentic things. A style that prefers personal attitudes to collective ones. Each person selects the objects that will surround him.

A style that values inherited objects: something that belongs to tradition, a painting, a family object. They all have a privileged place.

A style closely linked to sports. A philosophy that joins equestrian conditions, individualism innate to Argentine countrymen, with sophistication, cosmopolitan taste and British fair play.

A style represented by a unique prototype: the Argentine polo player. The best in the world.

La Martina is part of this world. A world that rescues our most genuine values.