La Martina's ICONOS: iconic long- and short-sleeved men's polo shirts

La Martina is revisiting the garments that made the brand great. Over the decades, the distinctive style of men's polo shirts has never lost its appeal, as reflected in this line.

In fact, the simplicity of the garments and the nod to sports uniforms have made this special collection one of the most popular releases ever.

ICONOS balances team spirit with individuality, marked with a number that represents each player and their role. Each season, this collection of men's summer and winter polo shirts unveils new colours and updated fabric techniques.

Another distinctive element of the ICONOS collection is the La Martina logo, epitomising the attention to detail that allows you to pair these men's polo shirts with Bermuda shorts for a relaxed look, or with chinos for a more refined style.

La Martina offers different collections of short- and long-sleeved options to help you express your own style and create unique outfits. However, the ICONOS polo shirt is always the right style choice for every occasion, whether you combine it with a casual look or an elegant suit.