Repliche from La Martina: jerseys inspired by the men's polo shirts that shaped the history of the brand

The golden age of polo unfolded over the first few decades of the twentieth century, during the final remnants of the Belle Époque, when polo was one of the most hotly anticipated sports at the Olympics and some legendary players made their mark on the world. La Martina has chosen to celebrate this remarkable period with a collection of long- and short-sleeved men's polo shirts, inspired by two goals: to keep the unique history and culture of the Sport of Kings alive, and to spur on a new golden age that can that entertain and enthral millions of fans.

As the name suggests, the Repliche pieces are replicas of La Martina's most historic men's winter and summer polo shirts, making their comeback in an updated modern fit: the perfect choice to pair with a sweatshirt and bomber jacket during your free time, or with a blazer and a pair of formal shoes for special events.

In other words, the Repliche line from La Martina is an exclusive combination of past and present. After a match, players can change out of their kit and into these shirts, channelling the traditional and elegant styles of polo's two homelands: Argentina and Great Britain. Contemporary fits, classic materials and "old school" appliqués come together to create a very-up-to-date look without losing sight of the prestige of the game.

Discover La Martina's new Repliche collection of men's polo shirts!