Women's clothing: polo shirts, T-shirts, trousers and much more

The La Martina women's clothing collection is dedicated to women on the move who are used to travelling all over the world. Each garment reflects this natural cosmopolitanism that absorbs impulses and ideas from the places it encounters, giving rise to a unique women's wardrobe, the fruit of the colours and atmospheres experienced in each city and country.  

Each polo shirt, blouse, T-shirt, dress, pair of trousers and outerwear garment then becomes the narrative of a world that meets other worlds without losing its own personality, opening up to different aspirations and creating original lines, mirroring the spirit of those who are citizens of this planet.

The cosmopolitan instinct, combined with the sporty soul of the brand, is expressed in the small details, in how to wear a garment or combine a colour and a fabric. Similarly, from one season to the next, La Martina womenswear opens up and offers itself in different declinations, inspirations and cuts, perfectly blending elements from the brand's Argentinian origins with an English spirit of casual elegance.


Sporty, casual and chic clothing for women: discover the latest exclusive collection by La Martina!

All the garments of the La Martina women's collection are designed to be freely blended in unlimited combinations. The colours create block-colour effects or simple monochrome looks with a clean and essential appearance, giving you the freedom to create a style based on your personality and your desire to express yourself.

The graphics are basic and clean. Macro and micro are a recurring theme, symbolising the essentiality and inspiration of the women's line. Macro is the 'leitmotif' of the fit of the garments, which are loose, comfortable and genderless. Micro becomes the detail that makes the difference, small mottos that aim to represent the new generation of La Martina wearers. Yours.

Discover the latest exclusive collection with the La Martina signature: casual, chic, and on-trend clothing for women, inspired by the world of polo!