Pininfarina x La Martina

We move dreams

512 S Pininfarina Modulo PF X LM */Modulo Edition_1970



Heritage moves dreams forward

Fifty years ago one of the most famous concept cars of all time had been presented to the world, setting a new benchmark of what brave dreams can imagine and outline. To celebrate such an important heritage, La Martina is proud to announce and release a limited series designed in collaboration with the very same firm that challenged the boundaries of dreams cars half a century ago.
Pininfarina x La Martina presents Modulo Edition. We move dreams.

512 S Pininfarina Modulo
PF X LM */Modulo Edition_1970

Fifty decades have appointed the Modulo as something much greater than a concept car. It is one of the great testament of what bravery and dreams can achieve. Originally designed in 1967 by Paolo Martin at Pininfarina, the Modulo was way too ahead of its time, but it is the very same boldness of its features that brought fame, iconic state, and more than twenty-two international awards for design and concept. The Modulo is more than a car, it is a dream on wheels. One of the bravest dream of all time in the world of concept cars.

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