Delving into British Heritage

The Guards collection celebrates the close relationship between The United Kingdom and Argentina and a mutual passion for all things polo. Showing influences of different cultural styles, Guards brings forth a new level of sophistication that belongs to the Game of Kings and its lifestyle, the very pulsating core of La Martina’s work for more than three decades.

The Spring Summer collection would not be complete without the Guards and combat clothing line. The Guards jacket with its trim and embroidery is always the centrepiece, super chic even for women. The eskimo coat, however, is an entirely new addition to this collection, together with a more authentic design of the military outfit, now with fastenings, finishes, pockets and zippers typical of utility clothing and a bolder look, giving it plenty of street attitude. In this line too, the colours are exciting - the traditional greens, greys and blues leave ample space for splashes of orange and turquoise.

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Guards Man

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Guards Woman