35 years after the first Polo, the Primera Selección limited series created in collaboration with Mariano Di Vaio consists of a series of polo shirts that show the origins of the Argentine house.

The adventure with Mariano Di Vaio started by chance: the influencer found himself immersed in the La Martina world during a visit at the Villa A Sesta club pole, in the heart of Tuscany. The passion for sporting excellence, innate elegance, a strong feeling for family values ​​and attachment to one's roots: these are the values ​​shared by Mariano and Lando Simonetti, founder of the company in 1985.

La Martina decided to lead Mariano in Argentina in a journey through the history of the brand, moving from polo tournaments to the Simonetti family home, where everything originated. The fervor of Buenos Aires between tradition and folklore, has been the scene of an extraordinary experience able to combine sport, family life and the discovery of the costumes of a land that is far and near at the same time.


The eye and the emotions of the influencer were impressed at the sight of the first pole designed 35 years ago by Lando, taking inspiration from the uniforms of the '40s and' 50s and laying the foundations for the idea of ​​celebrating the values ​​and origins of La Martina with a limited series of polo shirts.

Mariano was entrusted with the task of giving his contribution to the reinterpretation and definition of an ensemble of garments able to trace a history of the iconic jersey, from the tricot model to the classic pique, up to jersey, emphasizing the indissoluble bond between sport, passion and tradition.

The Primera Selección will be presented on January 9th at Pitti Uomo in the exclusive location of the Villa Vittoria Limonaia and then be available for sale in all channels at the same time.