La Martina’s journey unfolds in space and time

takes us back to 19th-century India

Since inception, La Martina has prided itself on having a value-based company mindset based on integrity, a sense of fair-play, accuracy and devotion. With a strong base and understructure, La Martina is built on solid foundations, embodying the concept of home as a warm and safe place of origin.

What truly makes its imaginary essence unique is a constant reference to the brand’s main character and source of inspiration - the Polo player, a relentless and energetic globe-trotter of innate charm, that stays the course of the brand’s heritage.

Polo players, professional and amateurs, are renowned for travelling across a varied landscape of fields, clubhouses and continents while soaking up the culture of each country, assimilating its constituent elements regardless of the length of stay by expressing them effortlessly and naturally.

Bright and vivid pops of colour reminiscent of the Indian Holi Festival blend with familiar, warm nuances resonant of a league of English gentlemen. Soft-textured tweed and genuine leather evoke wild-spirited elements of Argentinian influences: an almost tangible sensorial melting pot of different cultures. Cheerful and festive sounds bring to mind the streets of India while horses paw the ground on a polo field.

Throughout the seasons, La Martina cherishes on the historical values that make polo a unique sport, while undoing, disassembling and recreating all elements into a new ensemble oozing the charm of faraway lands, heritage and military discipline. The new collection is a harmonious and evolving symphony that stays true to the brand’s core, like a traveller stays true to his heritage, in spite of his globe-trotting.

The collection revolves around two macro themes: Lifestyle, semi- and formalwear, and Polo Player with a sporty edge. Guards and its Maserati capsule collection complete the label as a fixture in each season’s line.

Colecciòn Privada: formalwear for special occasions, synonym with effortless Mediterranean elegance with a twist of international charm to it.
Polo Player: the core of the collection as a faithful reflection of polo, designed for the polo player and his audience and designed to pull off a perfect casual look.
Guards: remindful of a Royal British style always associated with La Martina since its founding, Guards draws inspiration from Guards Polo club’s uniforms, whose patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Activewear: a line of technical textiles, conceived as both a sportswear collection and clothing for urban environments.