Fall Winter 2018 collection

The latest athleisure and essential lines

An ensemble of lines designed to blur the line between business and leisure, classic and sporty, passing through different generations with ease and minimal effort.

The driving force of each collection is the spirit of the globetrotter, typical of polo champions who manage to maintain their style while keeping in mind and carrying with them memories from every land they have visited.

For Autumn Winter 2018, the clothing collection of La Martina, enriched over the years with increasingly representative lines of the world of the Argentina house, keeps its range of garments broad, but declines it in precise lines.

This is how the Heritage label was born. It includes the iconic and essential garments that made the history of the brand, including the polo shirts and the timeless British military jackets in the Guards section.

The Coléccion Privada, reflecting the formal side of the polo player life, expresses the relaxed and effortless elegance typical of the club house life and of the everyday life between one tournament and another.

In the wake of including a versatile active-wear collection even in urban contexts, the co-branding with Maserati continues, enriched with technical sportswear, celebrating an outstanding partnership that symbolises standards of the highest quality.

The journey through polo locations continues

There are three important places for Polo and La Martina’s origins: Argentina, the United Kingdom and the United States are the inspiration for new graphics and customisations, giving life to a collection with a casual and contemporary flavour.
The guarda pampa motif, typical of the South American territory, is applied to casual garments in the form of digital photographic prints and stylised graphic patterns. The colour palette remains natural, ranging easily from grey and black to white, up to cherry red.
The British stage represents instead an homage to the history of the Game of Kings. If the British atmosphere was previously seen as military detailing and romantic prints, this collection puts the focus on the subcultures that have become iconic of the country, like Mod and Punk. For women, the garments are made feisty by liberty and animalier prints on dresses, blousons and jeans. The smooth velvet and chenille, stars of the women's collection, make their appearance on palazzo pants, overalls and sweatshirts, while outdoor garments with matelassé workmanship give off an elegant allure that winks at streetwear. The tartan motif is also presented in womenswear, with dresses, shirts and biker jackets in cloth with faux fur and sheepskin inserts. The last stage of polo locations, the United States, has a touch of ease with tricot jerseys, classic denim garments and indispensable shirts, trousers and dresses. All are enriched by embroidered lettering, with text referring to the sport, and to a very important location for the Game of Kings tournaments: the Hamptons.
The colour chart remains faithful to the traditional one: indigo and navy blue dominate the scene, accompanied by red and white, in full reference to the US flag.

A mix-and-match between classic and streetwear

La Martina launches the Heritage label: an ensemble of essential and iconic pieces of the brand's history, re-interpreted and designed in a new key with graphics, motifs and unpublished prints to shake up or simply ignite a whole look.

The undisputed stars of the line are the polos, shirts and tricot sweaters, presented in a wide range of colours that starts from white, going through navy and burgundy up to a warm shade of undergrowth green.

Within the Heritage collection are the Ciudades polo shirts, customised versions of the classic La Martina polo shirt with references to the winter resorts in Argentina, the United Kingdom and the United States visited by the polo players during the tournaments.

The Guards collection, created to celebrate the everlasting bond between the United Kingdom and Argentina in the name of Polo, is inspired by the Polo Club of the British Royal Family, and joins the Heritage line as a true classic of La Martina. The style is liberally inspired by the clothes worn by the Royal Family’s guards, and is completed with embroidery, badges and metallic detailing.

New technical garments celebrate bonding over sport

Like all successful partnerships, co-branding with Maserati goes ahead spontaneously in the name of a shared passion for sport and excellence. This characteristic is expressed in the garments of this capsule collection, steady feature of every season, created following thorough research on materials and technical performance and increasingly refined in the selection of garments and production techniques. The season’s novelty is, in fact, the division of the line into three macro-themes inspired by the warhorses of the Casa del Tridente.
The Quattroporte inspiration represents the classic and formal soul of the collection, featuring outdoor items in opaque technical material with feather padding, in a timeless palette of blacks, gunmetal and greys.
Technical and inspired by the sophisticated St. Moritz, setting of the first stage of the Maserati Polo Tour for years, the GT line is composed of technical snow garments. References and customisations are toned down and expressed with emblematic details, such as the coordinates of the renowned resort on the front of the outdoor jacket, with strong sports connotations and a gritty palette that mix cobalt blue and optical white, all enriched by reflective details designed just for skiing.
The outdoor garments, faithful to this technical line and true statement pieces, have snow polo-inspired graphics. The sweatshirts are freely inspired by polo shirts in technical fabric used for winter sports, with a high collar and high frequency graphics. Finally, the iconic polo shirts are a true testament to every stage visited by the Maserati Polo Tour, now a regular event for La Martina and for aficionados of the Game of Kings.
The line inspired by Ghibli, finally, features traditional garments with special customisations symbolising the partnership between La Martina and Maserati, and includes sweatshirts, shoulder pieces and tricot sweaters.