It's polo, but not as you know it

Argentinian passion, British attitude and the world of polo for the AW 19-20 collection Talent, passion, courage and fair play are values that epitomise the La Martina collections, which are increasingly becoming appreciated by young people, who have taken the changes introduced, in addition to the brand’s founding ideals and transformed them into lifestyle-reinterpreting personal codes. The AW 19-20 collection presents a collection of garments with different stories to tell and from various ranges, which can be mixed and matched together. These garments also find their natural evolution in the new urban-style lines - such as Polo in the Blood - and as a result of excellent collaborations, such as the renewed all-round partnership with the Guards Polo Club and the appointment of Timothy Everest as Global Strategy Director, in order to put his own mark on the collection, that is in keeping with his own history and to add significant value to the La Martina world.

As a result, the collection consists of a cosmogony of polo world-related items, such as polo shirts, accessories, the main collection and the capsules, including University - which is dedicated to Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford - Guards with its highly graphic-based garments, inspired by the uniforms of the Queen’s Royal Guards and St. Moritz, in collaboration with Maserati. The looks of the main collection are a continuation of the mix & match concept, touched upon in the previous collections. This concept enables fresh combinations to be created which are capable of purveying the aesthetic and personal values that millennials share and are developed with sporty leisure and college style in mind. The garments have been designed for all-day use: double-breasted jackets can be worn with 30°denim jeans or outerwear items and shirts with customised ribbons can be paired with velvet trousers.