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La Martina is a family company focusing on Polo technical equipment production and clothing and accessories collection, whose stylistic inspiration comes from this world. Based on the same values of this King sport's, it shares those ethical concepts: respect for rules and the enemys, sense of honour, and above all, integrity. Investing in technical equipment development, that is not only high performing in sporting point of view, but also guarantees maximum safety for player and horse; all this is an attitude part of our company, showed in the lifestyle collections through high quality materials and details attention. Always values bearer of Polo game, La Martina is one

of the community reference points; International Polo thanks to the constant sharing work and development culture of this, supporting by club, associations, professional and amateur, over several generations. From the beginning, vision was to create a brand international appealed, originated from the same Polo roots and that he shared the care and passion values, needed to achieve highest levels. Values ​​which, together with elegance and sense of luxury intrinsiced to this culture, are part of La Martina DNA indistinguishable from the trademark itself. Why such brand growes internationally without diluting its identity over time, is necessary a constant development, based on visionary business strategies ensuring a balance between essential values ​​of the brand and market needs. Today La Martina is, besides leaders in technical sector, one of the landmarks among the international brand in upper-casual sector, thanks to this balance. As the origin of La Martina has its roots in the production of technical equipment, the main contact of each product and business will always be the center of the international community.

Stores around the world

La Martina starting from Buenos Aires has expanded worldwide: shops have been opened in London, Milan , Singapore , Dubai , Bangkok and Johannesburg . The brand philosophy is very simple: just walk into a store of La Martina anywhere in the world to enter the heart of the pole . It is a community , a way of life , a sport and a choice of style. Find store

Global Partners

La Martina has signed over the years some international agreements with excellent partners , with which it shares the goal of supporting and spreading the culture of Polo
Guards Polo Club

The Guards Polo Club was founded in 1955 , with His Majesty the Duke of Edinburgh as President . Its history , geographical location and its links to the British Royal Family , together with the quality of its polo fields , have made the Guards Polo Club one of the most distinguished institutions linked to Polo in the world . Located within the Windsor Great Park , the Club has more than 1,000 non - active members and more than 160 active members in the field, including some of the world's best players . La Martina has been a partner of the Club since 2011 and is the present owner of the only shop in the Royal House boundaries . Each season , taking inspiration from the ceremony uniforms of soldiers of the Queen and the dress code required when you are invited to attend the matches from the Royal Box , La Martina draws the exclusive Guards collection.


Since 2011 , La Martina has built a solid partnership with Maserati , ranging from sponsorship of events related to Polo,to production co - branding of a prestigious capsule within the collection . In 2014 , on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Maserati , the Maserati Centennial Tour was developed , supported by La Martina : four stages in the most prestigious club in the world . The collaboration continued with the creation of the global tournament " Maserati Polo Tour " , in which La Martina plays the key role of technical equipment supplier, as well as Maserati partners in major marketing and communication activities . The ultimate goal of this partnership is to give visibility to the values ​​and traditions of the game of Polo through the most renowned international events .

Oxford University

Since 2006 La Martina supports the polo team of the oldest university in the world . The collaboration , originally founded as pure technical sponsorship , has over time expanded to a true partnership that is founded on shared values ​​indispensable for La Martina , and which are part of the tradition of Oxford . If today the University of Oxford can count among its students a large group of scientists of international caliber and Nobel Prizes for Chemistry , Physics and Medicine , it should not forget the fundamental role within the educational offer of the university , since its inception , played by the humanities . Disciplines still decisive in personality development with a strong sense of ethics and a open mind , pillars of what are the values ​​of La Martina : integrity , honor and respect of the rules and of the opponent.

Cambridge University

The sponsorship of the Cambridge team polo dates back to the mid- twenty-first century. Place of privileged elite international education not only from the economic point of view, but above all cultural , collects among its former students an exceptional number of Nobel prizes and other international awards. The central role of sport , where fair play , passion and unwavering commitment are the basis of the results , and play a key role in the formation of the personality of students of equal importance than the study. The collaboration with the University aims to support and spread the culture of common values ​​contained in the ethics of the pole: working closely with the new generations La Martina contributes to the formation of a new international ruling class. With Oxford Cambridge also shares one of the most famous challenges in the world: the Varsity Match , of which La Martina sponsors.

La Martina Foundation

The Foundation MARTINA was created to achieve two main goals: to support small family farms and disseminate key values ​​of polo worldwide. The familiar look of the company remains its strongest point: we do not answer to financial logic based on achieving profits quickly, La Martina has expanded gradually over the years while remaining deeply attached to its core values. Fair play, respect for opponents, sense of honor and responsibility to the team and the rest of the staff are some of the core values ​​of the game of polo: these are universal principles, and at the same time some real tools to be available to future generations, who will soon be called to lead the world. The Foundation La Martina is determined to encourage the development of social activities, education, IT and management. The company is set to spread the core values ​​and culture of the pole, thanks to thirty years of experience and a strong work ethic. The areas of interest are the following: business, education, humanities and sports. Contact us

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