The best saddle ever made

The turning point
Carbon fibre and leather are the main materials of the new Evolution Series saddle. A product developed with a high technology material yet designed and carefully created by following our highest standards and expertise proven at international level.

As tough as polo
The new Evolution Series saddle is made with an indestructible carbon fibre tree, guaranteed for life. After years of riding, when the leather needs replacing, simply bring your saddle in store and get it reassembled.

Master the game
Featuring the Evolution Series polo saddle, an ultra light support for your quickest moves on the field. This new version weights nearly 50% less than a wood or plastic saddle, affecting directly the horse by reducing the weight being carried.

Enhance your performance
The use of carbon fibre allows the saddle to conserve its shape and be highly elastic in order to better absorb shock. You now get to focus on the game whilst ensuring the pony’s safety and yours.