Mediterranean Cruise

There wasn’t a better way to imagine our Spring Summer Collection 2017 than as a journey. A multi-sensorial journey through Mediterranean colors, perfumes and architectures, a unique tactile and chromatic experience.

We’ve been inspired by the beauty and the uniqueness of four iconic places: Barcelona, Saint Tropez, Capri and Santorini.
The fabrics and the volumes of the Collections recreate the nuances and the shapes making these Mediterranean pearls peculiar, to produce fresh suggestions making us daydream while transporting us in the atmosphere of those cities.

The journey we imagined passes through these four Mediterranean places by sea, with an exclusive cruise, to recall the long sea crossings that polo players used to head out to reach the cities where the competitions took place.

Those long travels used to define the style of the polo player himself, enriched by each place, becoming an elegant mix of colors and fabrics.

Barcelona is the first stop. Here we are inspired by the faceting of the mosaic lightened up by the sun. A colorful play which made Gaudì’s architectures famous worldwide. This very urban mood is what inspired the chromatic palette of the Collection, as well. Then we arrive in Saint Tropez and here we are overwhelmed by the luxurious lifestyle characterizing both this magic place of the Côte d’Azur and our world, the polo one.

Third stop: Capri, emerging from the blue waters, surrounded by the famous sea stacks. Capri has always been a meeting point for artists and intellectuals and inspired the most holiday-related side of our Collection. Our last stop is Santorini, where its white architectures meet the deep blue of the sea.

This chromatic binomial has been the continuous reference to create some items of our Collection. Each ideal stop of our Mediterranean Cruise has left an imprint in our Collection, from the colors to the fabrics such as cotton and linen, to express different, but complementary, moods and styles.

Each item has been inspired by a different detail of those magic places, to create a versatile Collection whereby play with, experiencing different combinations according to the circumstance.