The 2018 Spring-Summer Collection by La Martina starts with the concept of evolution, always held dear by the Argentinian brand, and gradually moves into the future. It maintains, however, strong ties with its roots and the world of polo. This journey leads to a new generation and includes expressive modes that become progressively more contemporary while, at the same time, holding on to La Martina’s own identity and integrity, epitomised by the lifestyle of the polo champion. The collection is divided into three different lines that fully meet the challenges of producing clothes designed to narrow the boundaries separating activewear and casualwear, while maintaining the right balance and the dignified and easy elegance that La Martina has made its own over the years. A constant feature in the expressive mode of La Martina is the ability to capture in its fashion line the spirit of the permanent globetrotter who personally absorbs and interprets the small details encountered on each journey. The main collection of the 2018 Spring-Summer range is no exception, dividing its journey three-ways by visiting three extremely important countries for polo: Argentina, England and the United States.

A constant feature in the expressive mode of La Martina is the ability to capture in its fashion line the spirit of the permanent globetrotter who personally absorbs and interprets the small details encountered on each journey. The main collection of the 2018 Spring-Summer range is no exception, dividing its journey three-ways by visiting three extremely important countries for polo: Argentina, England and the United States. The structural revolution is the key original feature of this collection. The formality of the Lifestyle line has been drastically reduced to favour a versatile offer suitable for both everyday and sporting contexts, maintaining the appeal and sophisticated character distinctive of La Martina. Even the Guards line, a tribute to the guards of the Royal Family, always the apex of formality in all collections, has undergone an effective change where the clothes’ serious features have been lightened to give way to a more spontaneous style. Lastly, for the first time, the summer collection introduces the Crossover line, bringing together iconic and traditional models and enhancing them with original graphic designs that leave space for personality and custom-tailoring. The co-branding with Maserati continues along the lines of activewear that can even be used in an urban context. The line celebrates a journey bringing together two brands of excellence, both embodying the passion for sport and high quality standards.

La Martina explores the lands of Polo
Between wild plains and urban excitement

The collection begins with La Martina’s country of origin. On the one hand, there are natural wonders: furious waterfalls, the impressive and desolate landscape of Patagonia, and the rural atmosphere of the Pampas. On the other hand, there is the exuberance and colour of Buenos Aires, providing endless excitement with its lively streets, sumptuous avenues and facades displaying the signs of a rich past. An Argentinian polo player strikes a natural balance between a life removed from the frantic rhythms of the city and the joyful sounds of street parties and milonga beats. The connection with Argentina is expressed by clothing items in natural tones, such as optic white, ecru and sand, with hints of light blue recalling the national flag. The women’s collection matches natural colours with hints of black and cherry red, with details reproducing the motifs of the guarda pampa, typical of South America. If difference lies in the detail, this reaches its expressive apex with the application of tassels and playful fringes, celebrating the wild side of the desert and countryside. It is in this area of the collection that the lightness of linen and cotton is applied to daywear such as maxi dresses, loose-fitting shirts and tricot knitwear producing an aged effect. The sun of the Argentinian flag can be found among the graphics and decorations, together with the by now familiar element in the latest La Martina collections: embroidery faithfully reproducing the Fileteado Porteño, a significant floral decoration from the country’s traditions and an artistic symbol of Buenos Aires.

The candid romanticism of the Royals

La Martina takes a step back into history. Polo as a sport was imported by the English military after their expeditions to India and developed its rules and codes in Britain. Thus the game was transformed from an original leisure activity to a real sporting discipline. The rest is history. The English part of the collection is a homage to the deeper roots of La Martina. To begin with, the collection explores the country’s oldest, most intimate and melancholic features: Celtic traditions, royal atmospheres, breath-taking coastal rocks overlooking the sea, majestic castles and hills of bucolic peacefulness swept by strong northern winds. Details are inspired by urban London, a city of contrasts in which the solemnity of the Royal Family, together with the subcultures that originated here - especially Mod and Punk - have co-existed for decades in perfect balance, giving life to a cultural melting pot of harmonious aspects. This was the inspiration for a collection that sees pastel colours matched with optic white, black and silver, completed by faintly-coloured Liberty-style floral motifs and enriched by details in lace and luminous hints of lurex - all applied to jackets, outfits, dresses and trousers. Jeans have a biker cut, while the polo shirts display details and graphics faithful to the delicate floral motifs that are the main feature of this collection.

A contemporary reinterpretation of the cultural Ivy League heritage

A land symbolic of power, charisma and dreams of personal fulfilment, in which everything is possible, the United States is where cultures and ethnicities have mixed fluidly over time, giving life to a unique and iconic lifestyle that is impressed in the collective imagination. La Martina takes the academic world as a point of reference - to be precise, the eight institutions forming the prestigious Ivy League. Universities such as Harvard, Princeton and Yale are famous all over the world for the high standards they follow in selecting and forming the most brilliant minds of the States, from generation to generation. The Ivy League, however, not only represents academic excellence and the American dream, but also embodies a sporting tradition that is one of the most respected and followed in the world, with the ability to excite millions of spectators even outside the national borders. The first decades of the twentieth century saw the birth of a proper style code, easily recognised and unique in its genre. La Martina pays homage to Ivy League gentlemen with a collection that picks up on and personalises this style, simultaneously elegant and sporting, giving life to the USA spirit of the main collection. The colour chart remains faithful to the traditional palette: indigo and navy blue are dominant, followed by red and white. This is a reference to the US flag, always present and visible in addition to the impressive presence of prints, embroidery and personalised star-features. Not least among the references to USA traditions is the calendula print, a symbolic flower in American culture which breaks the unified tones with hints of orange. Denim is the key feature of this collection, in uniform washed jeans in the men’s line, and in jeggings, dresses and polo shirts in the women’s line. The dresses maintain an informal style - chemisier and polo dress. An essential item is the jacket: a classic varsity bomber in sweatshirt fabric displaying an “H” for Harvard, together with additional logos signed La Martina, and a women’s leather jacket characterised by an indigo wash and special studs applied on the back. The unmistakable polo shirt also features in this collection, as is tradition, enriched by personalised touches referring to New York, Boston and, of course, the world of polo.

Military style meets streetwear

Guards, an established La Martina line in every season’s collection, celebrates the long-standing connection between Argentina and the United Kingdom in the name of polo with a homage to the Polo Club of the Royal Guards. The military look, promoted in the past through heraldic stems and gold details to give a solemn aura, is revolutionised from the start on this occasion by a selection of articles that is entirely new. In line with the remaining collection, the key word is streetwear. It is in this way that a palette of khaki, mustard and camel tones takes shape with overshirts enriched with details and applications matching three-quarter length trousers. All this underlines the direction taken by the brand towards types of versatile clothing that leave ample space for individuality.

Iconic wear - a cultural mix-and-match

Without departing from its development process, La Martina launches the Crossover line: a collection of iconic outfits that are part of the brand’s history, reinterpreted and freshly created with new graphics, motifs and prints to overturn or simply highlight a total look. Polo and shirts become statement items, able to transform a final look that can work in both everyday life and on semi-formal occasions. The colour range is also varied: a navy blue base is enhanced with hints of magenta, orange and dark green, echoing the relationship with India, the land where polo originated - a recurring theme. This colour chart is applied to foliage, camouflage and paisley prints and on natural fabrics such as poplin, chambray and piquet. Crossover has been created to have a life of its own, with a collection of outstanding items that can create an impact, a look that can be personalised or matched with the finer items of the remaining collection. This creates a unique cultural mix-and-match with the ability to reflect the taste and mood of the individual wearing it.

A partnership in the name of sport

The partnership and co-branding with Maserati continues and for the new capsule collection finds its dimension in the genetic code shared by both brands: the love for sport. In this way the silhouettes of elegant cars take shape in an ensemble of twelve items associated with sport. These consist of outdoor jackets, bombers, fleece tops and polo shirts, all meant to propose a dynamic and contemporary look, enriched by the exclusive nature of two brands that have made excellence in life and in sport their driving force.