You know those moments where you feel that life is changing forever?

For us, that moment was 30 years ago, when it all began.

In 1988, after five successful years making high-quality technical materials for polo, a few players came to us with a surprising request: “Why don’t you make playing jerseys too?”


At that moment, with that request, we knew that life was changing for us.

We were so focused on doing our job well, no one had ever even thought about jerseys as well.

But it was an intriguing idea and, as a result, we created 4 polo shirts available in 4 different colours. 


That was the beginning of La Martina as we know it today.

That was when ÌCONOS LA MARTINA was born.


4 virtues, 4 drives



the power that purifes your mind

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the clarity that illuminates you

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the energy of feeling good

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the passion inside your heart

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Our “Native Icons” at ease in the millennial world

The Ìconos Project brings our “native icons”—La Martina’s first polo shirts in blue, white, black and red—back with a bang.

Four like the players on a polo team.

Four like the points on a compass.

Four like the values we were founded on: integrity, justice, respect, fair play.

These became our “Ìconos La Martina” straight away.

And just as our values remain strong over time, our “Ìconos” have maintained their spirit thanks to their timeless and universal style.

Free from needless constraints, these regular jerseys are “just right” for today’s frenetic, fast-paced and ever changing world. They provide the utmost freedom of movement so you can express yourself fully during long, intense days full of things to do.

It’s not all that strange that these are perfectly suited to our modern world: when the past is healthy and full of life, it stimulates the present and gives birth to the future.

Shortly after our four “Ìconos”, we created two “Essentials”—which differ based on how their logos appear—maintaining the sporty-style influence with a more urban and essential edge.

Miguel – available in 7 colours – features a larger raised logo.
Edoardo – available in 6 colours – features a more minimalistic and discreet logo.


Polo man

Polo woman