As a leading technical equipment developer and unwavering advocate of the values of the polo sport, La Martina has created Colleciones, a polo shirt and shirt capsule that celebrates the brand’s close ties to the various national teams it supports.
Burgundy, navy blue and turquoise - the colours of Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge university respectively - feature predominantly in University, the iconic collection of polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts and shirts that symbolises the brand's links to the prestigious polo-playing universities and colleges.

The Gold Polo line was created as a result of modernising the brand’s historical iconic products and adding golden details and logos. The results are outfits that combine various modern materials, ranging from nylon to mesh finishes, to create sporty and trendy black and white looks.
Blue Ribbon on the other hand, is distinguished by its elegance, quality materials and refinement. The men’s capsule - inspired by the award typically given to horse race winners - comprises Pima cotton polo shirts and shirts made of a fine, crease-resistant fabric.
Polo in the Blood is a unisex line, designed for bike polo fans, that comprises sporty and youthful sweatshirts, T-shirts and capes. Black and white prints and Gothic logos add a sparkling touch to the entire collection.


Spring Summer 2020 Discover more


Spring Summer 2020 Discover more

The La Martina Spring/Summer 2020 women’s range boasts fresh, high-quality fabrics with neutral, delicate tones that meld with more vibrant shades.
The complete and versatile sailing world-inspired Nautical collection is perfect for both everyday life and those first weekend getaways. Striped patterns and sailing-inspired prints embellish the shirts, T-shirts and ensembles.

Clean and simple lines, a pure white colour and earth tone-inspired neutral colours are featured throughout the Clean line, whilst more vivid colours, flowing fabrics and Majolica-effect prints distinguish the Marrakech Polo Club collection with its must-wear summer holiday outfits.