Spring Summer 2017

Roots grounded in the past and eyes gazing at the future: such is the bonding between the Polo game and the Royal Family, intertwined and steeped in tradition.
La Martina collection Guards testifies it, by combining their values and translating them into a line enriched by British niceties.

The name, Guards, is the opening symbol of this synthesis: as a matter of fact, it comes from the British Guards Division Polo Club (Guards Polo Club), founded in the ‘50s and held by the Duke of Edinburgh. La Martina is the only company owning a store inside the Windsor park, the Royal Family private estate as well as the Guards Polo Club setting. Such a privilege is for us an honour that finds its celebrative expression in the Guards line. Indeed, the collection, not only shares the name with the Royal Polo Club, but also draws inspiration from the British emblematic military clothing and its gold and silver embroideries. Not a mere copy, though, but a reinterpretation of the martial style that carries out a double angle.

On one side, the line is conceived for the Guards Polo Club’s guests, who follow the game from the Royal Box, the honorary grandstand. The stylistic classic elegance, consistent with the etiquette, unveils its modern side upon meeting with the streetwear. Hence, the additional collection soul: lighter and combined with sporty clothing, it fits also different scenarios and environments.

A further peculiarity is the one suggested by the Spring Summer 2017 line, which opens its doors to a stylistic change in the colours palette: the previous lines’ black and kaki hues give way to total white and to its sophisticated and fresh charm.

Guard’s grace is furthermore embellished with its iconic embroideries: silver jacquard for the men’s line, and light voile for the women’s. The result is a game of lights and shapes that reflects the Royal essence and finds its belonging on the collection key piece, the white jacket with British finish.

Altea is the female version, and it surprises for the refined juxtaposition of golden and silver details on the sleeves. The high collar and the side buttons confirm the item personality, capable of enhancing the wearer’s femininity with its easy-chic approach. Gabe, the male version, presents nevertheless a delicate contrast of nuances and details. The reversible sleeves and the high collar suggest a balanced mix of sportsmanship and class.