Men's clothing La Martina : garments inspired by the world of polo

The unmistakable men's clothing La Martina is inspired by the life of polo players, who are used to travelling with their families for sports competitions. Our polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jackets and even our jumpers reflect this cosmopolitan lifestyle, creating a unique wardrobe made of atmospheres, flavours and scents of cities and towns all over the world. Of course, travel influences all have a common matrix: the game of polo. Each item of men's clothing, in fact, is steeped in sport, since the very DNA of the brand is deeply linked to sports equipment.

Our three main ingredients? Argentine passion, English elegance, and Italian charm.


Polo shirts, t-shirts, trousers and much more: discover the latest in men's clothing La Martina

To leave your mark on the special occasions of the season, the elegance of style La Martina knows no rivals. From sparkling parties with friends to refined family reunions, our clothing line embodies an uncompromising, contemporary style with an exquisitely refined touch. The casual chic yet elegant design makes our men's polo shirt a must-have in any wardrobe. The sweatshirt is the perfect balance between refinement and comfort, for sportsmen who do not want to compromise on the style and comfortable warmth of precious materials. The men's t-shirt embodies uncompromising quality with timeless prints, ideal for every day. Trousers are the essential element of an easy-chic look, for sport and free time: as sophisticated as they are comfortable. And finally, we have the men's hat: an absolute must-have for a unique finishing touch to your outfit.

Discover all the designer casual and sports clothing for men La Martina!