The La Martina Manifesto

"Soul and Purpose
True luxury is the time spent with the ones we love"

Lando Simonetti

The concept of luxury is ever-changing and evolving, and now, more than ever, there’s no time like the present to question and re-conceptualise its meaning.
We at La Martina believe that true luxury entails being able to make “time”: time for ourselves and the ones we love, time to behold our planet and time to actually do something to help look after it.

From the very outset, La Martina was founded on a simple yet universal value: integrity.
For us, integrity also means respect for others and nature; these values are intrinsically linked to the guiding principles of Polo, with fair play and generosity towards others being some others that also come to mind.
Immortal principles that will guide future generations, the next caretakers of the world.

For this reason, rediscovering the value and quality of our daily lives is of the utmost importance; that way, we can dedicate it to our children and pass on a legacy that will inspire them to build a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable world.
For a world truly worthy of humankind.