Our partners

Passion for excellence

We have partners who support us in the production of accessories; each has a sound history and an obsession for excellence at the only acceptable level when associated with La Martina: maximum. All are committed to the values espoused by La Martina from the outset, in other words passion, experimentation, professionalism, innovation and luxury.



For shoes we put our trust in Giano, a family firm which shares our values and is based in one of the world's leading districts for footwear manufacture: Torre San Patrizio in the Marche region.

Principe 1955

Leather goods

Our leather goods are also rooted in Italian excellence, thanks to Principe 1955, a world leader which has brought innovation and quality to leatherworking for over half a century.



We are happy to have also concluded our licensing agreements with the Gimel group for the new Junior line. Our goal is in fact to integrate all the lines as much as possible, so as to create coordinated capsule collections between the various categories and to guarantee a complete and ad hoc offer for our consumers, in this case with a company so qualified and prestigious in the kidswear segment like Gimel ”which launched the sales campaign in July for the SS21.



La Martina is introducing eyewear to its collections with the stellar Italian company, the Jet Set Group. We have entrusted the Marche-based group with the license for the production and distribution of our new lifestyle line of sunglasses and prescription glasses.

As both companies share the same values - namely the constant pursuit of excellence and a focus on quality - the partnership with the Jet Set Group seemed to come about almost naturally. The La Martina Eyewear Collection made its debut in January 2021. Aimed at both men and women, it features an elegant style with sportswear accents and is intended for concept stores and specialised retailers. The attention to detail and pursuit of ever-new and innovative materials were non-negotiable features for a prestigious brand such as La Martina.

Venice Olfactory


Venice Olfactory is the young Venice-based creative hub that La Martina has entrusted to produce and distribute its new fragrance line under license. The five-year licensing agreement was signed in October 2020 and will mark the launch of a renewed La Martina - Colleción Privada fragrance collection - due to hit the virtual and physical shelves in May 2021 and be distributed throughout the EMEA market. The collection will comprise two product lines: the first being a high-end range with a premium positioning, intended for a select few outlets and concept stores, and the second more-accessible collection being distributed in specialist stores.

The Brands department of Venice Olfactory will oversee the creation of our fragrances in a dedicated and thorough manner, bringing its sensitivity for fragrance to the table (seen in the conceptual research, product design and olfactory development), safeguarding the entire development process and monitoring the purchase chain at every stage.