Polo Shirts

La Martina men's polo shirt: colorful and elegant short and long sleeve shirts, perfect for any occasion

Inspired by the uniforms of polo players, and a symbol of sporty elegance and timeless charm, our iconic shirt is designed to adapt to the wearer to ensure greater comfort over time and with use. Conceived and crafted with versatility in mind, the men's polo shirt is the undisputed star of our capsule collections - Classic Basics, Iconos, Replicas and many more - and is the perfect piece to pair with any look: formal with an elegant suit, casual with jeans and a sweatshirt. Choose your favorite!


The first La Martina men's polo shirts

Competitiveness, passion and elegance in motion. These ideals embody the essence of our brand, founded in 1985 with the sole aim of supporting the game of polo and promoting its values. Over the years, however, we began to create simplified versions of the competition polo, so these shirts could also be worn at clubs outside of matches too, but without losing sight of the centrality of the sport itself.
This is how the first La Martina polo shirts were born, featuring long and short sleeve winter and summer designs, still deeply rooted in the world of sports equipment, but suitable for any occasion. Some of these original designs, like the historic 19-42, are still popular today.


New polos, same timeless style

Today, the La Martina men's polo shirt is still distinguished by its classic, straight cut and the legendary elegance of petit piqué cotton. What's new? Designs, raw materials, and production techniques are being increasingly oriented toward greater sustainability. Discover the latest colors and fits to find the perfect polo for this season, the one that will continue to deliver comfort and elegance in motion.
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