Elegant men's t-shirts and tops from La Martina

When it comes to men's basics, the t-shirt is the undisputed star. Simple and practical, it can bring a casual edge to any outfit, finished with colourful and original details for a more relaxed yet distinctly refined style.

Thanks to its laid-back attitude, it represents a vital building block in a wide range of looks. A t-shirt and jeans, for example, is always a winning combination, whether you're headed to the office or enjoying your free time. Combined with a swimsuit or a pair of shorts, a t-shirt creates instant summer vibes. Alternatively, it can be worn with an elegant jacket for a refined yet informal look, ideal for any occasion.

Embellished with the logo and prints inspired by the game of polo, as well as British and Argentinian symbols, La Martina men's t-shirts are original and comfortable, featuring many different colours and patterns. Furthermore, the sporty lines of the pieces on offer in the catalogue are offset by their refined and luxurious finishes. In fact, that La Martina men's t-shirts are famous for their quality and attention to detail. Have fun combining them with refined accessories and small leather goods to enjoy the comfort of the ultimate casual garment without sacrificing your sense of style.