La Martina women's shoes: sporty and elegant shoes that are perfect for any occasion

A day at the office, a walk with friends, a trip out of town: the collection of women's shoes by La Martina is designed for women on the go, who want to be comfortable and impeccably styled for every occasion. This is why our catalogue is full of sporty models that offer exceptional comfort and high performance, but can also add an extra touch to every shade of women's clothing thanks to simple, striking lines, top-quality materials, as well as different patterns and colours, allowing you to find the perfect model for your lifestyle.  

La Martina women's shoes can be easily matched with skirts and trousers from the collection, creating modern looks with an eye for detail and style. Find your model!


La Martina women's trainers? They look good with… everything! 

Password: comfort! La Martina's luxury women's trainers are the ideal choice for informal occasions when you want to express your personality. 

Even in the most elegant situations, these inimitable shoes can be worn to give an extra touch to any outfit. Leather or fabric trainers, in muted or brighter colours: choose the one that best suits your personality from a wide range of options. 

But these women's shoes are at their best when combined with accessories such as bags and backpacks, lending character to any feminine outfit. Discover our entire range!