La Martina's women's accessories: bags and rucksacks for real globetrotters

The La Martina woman is embracing the travel trend with a line of accessories made from advanced and high-quality materials, including soft PU fabric, quilted synthetic fabric, calfskin and cotton. The rucksacks, bags and wallets that make up the collection are embellished with golden logos, iconic details and elaborate geometric motifs, ideal for a wide range of outfits and uses.

Additionally, the distinctive La Martina women's accessories are inspired by the real lives of polo players: women who are accustomed to travelling around the world with their families. In fact, the line is specifically designed for globetrotting women, offering the perfect balance between style and practicality.

Not to mention the sunglasses and other accessories – including tote bags, beach towels and water bottles – which add a fun and colourful edge to make even the most understated looks unique and eye-catching.


Sunglasses and more: women's accessories that make all the difference

Sunglasses are a classic and timeless women's accessory. Our designs are ideal for all-day wear, even when travelling, thanks to their comfortable and lightweight acetate frames. The iconic La Martina logo is engraved in metal over the bridge, in a contrasting colour on the outside of the temple, or engraved on the side of the frame, depending on the model.

The aluminium water bottle is also designed for dynamic women who are always on the move. Equipped with a practical airtight cap and a carabiner, you can carry it with you wherever you go. The greenest way to stay hydrated and energised throughout your day.

Finally, we offer beach towels in soft 100% cotton, tote bags, also made from cotton and embellished with a large vibrant logo, as well as many other accessories. Discover them all!