a tailoring collection inspired by
the style of British tailoring
St. James Collection
Fall Winter 2016

The collection stems from the desire to create items of clothing that are loyal to British tailoring but at the same time attentive to the latest trends and the needs of the new generations.
The key element of this capsule is the fusion of tradition and modernity and Timothy Everest has interpreted the idea by observing the new generation from his point of view. The period in which we live is very interesting: the new generations have turned to the past and are interested in tradition, but also fully involved in the latest technology In particular, the British designer says he had an epiphany while suddenly coming ascross a young Londoner who wore with ease an outfit that combined garments inspired by his grandfather's wardrobe with a new taste. A classic but slimmer cut jacket, a vintage clock and oxford shoes were worn with skinny, turned up jeans, stockings sporting eccentric colors and gadgets coming from various festivals.
Timothy has thus decided to bring together the taste of a modern gentleman with the style of a British guard of the '60s during his leave. The result is a collection that reinterprets the English tailoring with a modern twist, with slim lines and a choice of fresh and trendy colors.
A design that plays on accessories and cares for details that express personality, consistent with the image of a modern gentleman, leaving room for individuality while maintaining the elegance of English tradition.