Elegant women's dresses from La Martina: perfect for every occasion

Sophisticated textures and patterns, elegant finishes, and luxurious materials: La Martina's range of casual and sporty women's apparel offers perfect options for every occasion, from evening dresses to relaxed dresses for everyday wear. 

This collection combines elegance and femininity with a sporty edge: the most glamorous and seductive side of La Martina's distinctive style. The brand logo appears as fine embroidery on precious fabrics, the shapes are sophisticated but never classic or austere, and the fits are loose and comfortable. The resulting pieces are finished in traditional vibrant shades or refined contrasting colors.

Discover our elegant and casual chic women's dresses – the foundation of any woman's wardrobe – and combine them with refined bags and shoes.


Summer and winter women's dresses: pieces to wear all year round.

Summer, winter, and all-season women's dresses: La Martina's dresses are here all year!

The winter dresses are decked out in warm earth tones, which represent a unifying thread between most of the garments, creating a certain cohesion in spite of their diverse materials and techniques. Thanks to their soft fits and modern designs, these women's dresses are able to cater to a wide audience. Fun and intriguing, the collection is built on contradictions: contemporary yet traditional, eccentric yet understated.

During the warmer months, La Martina's most iconic women's clothes are revisited with a fresh and modern attitude: the bright colors are combined with details inspired by the most famous summer resorts, the lightweight fabrics are embellished with beachwear-inspired prints, and the treatments and dyes put a unique twist on the collection.